Kristoffer Kullengren

Exhibitions 2017-2018

Kris Kullengren


Kris Kullengren–独特的人生经历,塑造了独一无二的充满人性关怀的当代抽象派画家

Kris Kullengren, known as Krs for his painting, comes from Sweden. He chose to move to Japan at an early age of 17. Before 24, he had moved 17 times and travelled over 30 countries. And this experience of living in greatly different cultures, languages and ways of life has made him see, beyond the differences, the universality in humanity that can bridge the essential differences of culture, language, age, race, social class and life. This realization has become the cornerstone for where his creativity comes from, and the key message he hopes to deliver through his works.


Although 10 years’ hard practice wouldn’t be rare in the contemporary painting career, Krs is unique in his staying true to his inner emotions and letting the colors shape them, which is why his paintings usually strike people with an instant feeling of a strong emotion. His signature use of bold colors, dramatic, impulsive and expressive brushwork is unique, and behind these dramatic colors he hopes to achieve a connection between souls. For him, every painting comes from a unique moment of an individual life snapshot, irreplicable and irreversible.

Those who love his art can see the life and soul in his paintings, and relate to the unique emotions behind. This understanding in audience is Krs’ achieved balance of meticulous practice and an inclusive genuine caring and appreciation for life.

With over 10 years’ hard practice, Krs has had the experience to work with other artists and musicians, and has applied his art to a wide range of international business.

Kris Kullengren,自幼远离瑞典家乡,远赴亚洲,独自生活。在24岁定居日本之前,搬家17次,周游全球多达30多个国家。不同国家的语言,文化,饮食及人与人之间的关系,让他在看到不同时,更是感悟到那种跨越文化,语言,年龄,人种,社会阶级以及命运的人性中的共性。而这独特的人生经历与感悟,成为了他的作品中的独特创作灵魂。