midsummer -公园里的仲夏夜

Midsummer’s day in the park 公园里的仲夏夜


Water color and Pastel crayons on paper

75×52 cm

The Swedish Midsummer’s day is sort of a big thing where I am from. It is the celebration of the longest day of the year which in a dark country like Sweden is something in which to rejoice.

So on this day I sort of feel a lot more Swedish than I would usually do. So I went down to the park where some Swedish people in Tokyo had organized a drinking gathering hang out spot with Swedish music and what not.

We eat and drink and enjoy each other’s company for a few hours in the park.

So around Kero (which is my symbol for me) there are pretty flowers, grass, ball games and interesting conversation in red and yellow flowing into my ears. The little green dude is a guy from Argentina called Miguel with whom I had an interesting chat about safety in warehouses that focus specifically on huge rolls of commercial paper….life is random.

I am specifically happy about the fact that in this one I am not using any markers for accent but relying only on pastel crayons to create the dreamy bubbly sort of effect I strive for.

Hope you like it