Bullet-with-Butterfly-wings -像蝴蝶般的子弹

Bullet with Butterfly wings 像蝴蝶般的子弹


Watercolour and pens on paper

Size: 37cm x 37cm

When I was a teenager I was very very angry with the world in general. It is part of growing up I guess….What sort of kept me level was listening to music from people whom I felt maybe shared similar world views to me.

One of the bands that I followed was “The Smashing Pumpkins” and in particular I was fond of their song called “Bullet with butterfly wings”. This painting is a tribute to that beautiful song which saved me in my youth so search for it right now and listen away!



我很喜欢的乐队之一是“碎南瓜”The Smashing Pumpkins,尤其我喜欢他们的一首叫“有着蝴蝶翅膀的子弹”的歌。这幅画是对那首在我年轻时拯救我的美丽歌曲的致敬,所以现在就去寻找它,聆听它!