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Colorful, Modern Paintings by Krs
美国艺术评论家Dan Duhrkoop: Krs对色彩的大胆运用,为其作品赋予了极强的生命力

Kris Kullengren (or Krs, as he signs his work) is a Swedish painter currently living and working in Japan. His consistent use of bold colors, dynamic lines, and a mix of organic and patterned compositions make for extremely vibrant, engaging artwork—take a look below, and enjoy!
Kris Kullengren (或在艺术领域被称为Krs)是个瑞典艺术家,目前工作和居住于日本。他对色彩有着一贯的大胆运用。通过动态的线条,以及独特而充满生命力的形态和结构,他创作出了极为有活力的,富于感染力的艺术作品。以下为他的三幅作品,好好享受吧!

TheEarth Well has a double-meaning to Krs which he briefly shares on his website.



To him, this piece is both a representation of the earth (from the inner, red-hot core leading outward to the green and blue surface, and then on into outer space) as well as a memory of his childhood—staring down into a steep well, where leaves of all colors gathered on the water.
对于他来说,这幅作品既是对地球的描绘(从里往外看,炽热的地核到表面处的海洋和植被,蓝色和绿色部分,再到大气层和外太空),也是对儿时记忆的描绘 – 如同一个孩子朝一个井里往下望,而水面上浮着彩色的花瓣与植被。

I love both meanings, but I also especially enjoy the repetitive nature of the marks circling the paper. It’s an almost hypnotic pattern, and you really have to force yourself to look to see all the details hidden in it. If you just glance at this painting, the circular composition pulls you along faster than your eye can take it all in!

Next, Love that Shines has a similar barely-constrained energy, except the movement is all outward, bursting forth from a central rose with shining rays of gold and blue, and spiraling pink hearts outlined in red.

The mood is simply infectious! Love is in the air, and you just can’t help but smile at the glorious display of abandon in this painting. 🙂
这幅作品的情感非常有感染力!爱在空气中,而你则无法抑制地想对这幅作品所呈现的,一种闪耀金光,能量无限的炽热而微笑 🙂

Last but not least, The River is another favorite of mine, with its strong alternating colors and (of course!) a subtle sense of movement.

The River -河流

Green vegetation, pink flowers, and various colors of blue rivers divide this artwork into linear territories, each one broken up only by the shape of the elements within them (and some scattered gray rocks, too).

As with all of Krs’s pieces, the visual balance of this composition is perfect—which is yet another reason why I enjoy his work so much.

If you like it too, then by all means, take a few minutes to explore the rest of Krs’s artwork by visiting his website at krsart.com!

Dan Duhrkoop