Driplets 彩虹水滴


Acrylic markets on paper

B3 size

When I was 5 years old it was decided that the family would move from the South of Sweden, where we were living, to the very far North of the country. I think it had something to do with my dad’d job but it is not totally certain because the village we moved to was kind of far from there and happen to be the place where my grandparents lived.

The North of Sweden is a pretty wild place with nothing but forests and lakes and more animals than people in general. The village itself probably had about 300 people and not a single store for miles around.

I spent much time with my grandparents while living here. My grandfather taught me chess and made me a bow an arrow to have fun with while my grandmother would bake the best cookies and quote the bible while fattening me up for the -40 degree winters that lasted 9 months of the year.

People who live so close to nature have a bond with it in a way that city folks can never understand. It is not a question of whether there are things living out there it is more a question of how you interact with them.

So to me these little driplet things are creatures of the forest who come out at night. They are sort of like a collective organism and they have fun by just sort of bouncing around and making themselves into continents of our planets or random shapes of things that they have seen. They do not speak but instead interact by creating these shapes and colors that they form.