Miyavi-Rocks - Miyavi演唱会

Miyavi Rocks 摇滚演唱会

Size: 75cmx55cm

The last time I saw Miyavi he was passing me in a Taxi in the middle of the night while I was in a heated argument with a Tokyo taxi driver who claimed I had scraped his car with my bike, which I hadn’t, so I wasn’t entirely sure where things were standing.

The daughter of a good friend was coming to town and wanted to see something out of the ordinary and Japanese type cool and while looking to see what was happening that week I came across Miyavi’s concert at Studio park. Even though we knew each other through the 430 crew I had never actually seen one of his shows so I thought why not, and sent him a text…

Back came a smile and a laugh and “how many tickets do you need” so 3 weeks later there we were on the 2nd floor right in the center watching this high energy performer and his crew rip out a fantastic session over about an hour and a half.

I took the girls back to the city and went back home to digest this absolutely fantastic experience as I always do. The next day I knew that the energy of the concert had left a lasting impression in me and there was a painting there just waiting to come out. I can’t even remember how I started it….I think it was the blue head-band, eyebrow, hair thing at the top but I am actually not really sure. I knew after a while though that this was going to need a guitar, Miyavi’s weapon of choice, and a microphone as well. Notes all over the place and just a painting really full of energy came out so I was very very pleased.

Fast forward about 6 months and I am having a drink at Tokyo’s Narf gallery chatting to the girl who runs it about putting some art on the walls. Maybe it was just the feeling of the place but I felt that this painting just really belonged there. The place is next to a music production company and there is always someone Djing and what not so perhaps it was the music connection that did it.

So I handed it in for framing and we hung it together in the beginning of November 2017.

It had been a long and hectic week and I needed to blow some steam and also deliver a scarf to a friend who had ordered one for his girlfriends birthday. I was on my way home but it was cold and I though why not stop by the gallery for a drink on the way and get warm again.

As I walk through the door I see a face I haven’t seen in 6 years….The guy with whom I started a surfboard company and who is now supporting extreme sports events and athletes all over Japan. What a small world we live in…..so of course we start drinking and talking memories and people and shit that happened way back when.

He is so impressed with my work that he buys it on the spot and decides to keep it in the gallery so that he can look at it whenever he is in Tokyo.

How blessed I am!






Keep on rockin’ bro