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Vogue is one of those power houses that you just dream of being featured in so I am still amazed that it just happened in these strange times in which we live.

I might not being going anywhere anytime soon but that does not stop my art from travelling which makes me very happy!

The article picks up 10 of my works and also features some of the movie stars that are wearing them.

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The National Newspaper – Dubai

The recent news frenzy around the Corona Covid-19 virus has left deep impressions on my mind and it keeps coming out in different formats when I am creating.

I did two very specific works, 1 showing my frustration over the panic that is occuring and another which shows positivity towards the future in the form of strengthened DNA from this outbreak.

Both these images were picked up by the National Newspaper in the UAE as part of an article on staying positive in the face of the tough situation.

Happy to see that my art travels across the oceans and to have been able to add something to the discussion.



Acrylics on paper 45cmx38cm

I find it very difficult to tap into creative energy during these crazy times….but as they say, “art is cheaper than therapy” so I took all the words that I associate with what I am experiencing (fear/paranoia/mediafrenzy/rat/bat/etc) and I made them the basis for the painting

I then let my mind flow on top both with colors and with symbols and this is what came out.


“Future Proof”

Acrylics on paper 45cmx38cm

“Future Proof”

Virus are what strengthens our DNA making us stronger as a species. It enters the cell and reprograms the DNA to produce more virus often totally changing the structure itself.

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Shanghai Jack



For a couple of days in the early summer of 2019 we took over a part of Shangai’s visual identity and turned people’s attention to the importance of having dreams.

We created the world’s first gamified fine art exhibition in a Cinema inside the Mercedez Benz Arena and then subsequently painted the skies around the Shangahi Pearl TV Tower as well as all the 10 subway lines in Central Shanghai.

Oh, and we now have Chinese movie stars wearing the art on T-shirts 😂

Every time we say “how can we ever beat this” and then we go on to do it.

I am truly blessed to have a fantastic team around me and people that support me all over the world.

Keep dreaming!



krsart  Shanghai-Jack



Shanghai-Jack China-Love Shanghai-Jack






Swedish News – Sydsvenskan


It is always great to be featured in your hometown news and this was no exception. A Full color page on my exhibition at the Xi An Modern Art museum highlighting my career from when I arrived in Japan for the third time at the tender age of 24.



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