Sophie catches a fairy 索菲找到了精灵花


Good morning, dear Sophie

In the magic forest, the sun and the moon co-exist, alternating along the color change of four seasons within one day, from the morning in spring to the winter at night. While the early sunshine carpets the forest with florescence, the evening snowstorm sweeps autumn decay with cold and white. Living in the magic forest since a baby squirrel, Sophie loves the spring the most for she sees the life in trees, the color in flowers, and the warmth in friends: every tree and every flower in the magic forest is a dear friend Sophie holds close to.

Every morning, Sophie is the first getting up from her tree hut, running to the forest glade, frolicking around the lake, bringing the first streak of sunshine with her laughter and warm greetings to the new life after a cold winter at night. ‘Good morning’ she says to every sprout that’s burgeoning under thick snow, whisking off with her tail the frost on the greening twigs of the pine trees, and watering buds with thawed water in lake. She enjoys very much the morning view in the forest glade. The sun sheds through the first light that is branching away the winter cloud into rainbow shades, cascading gold in light into the jade-like lake under which the fish flocking around where the light jumps and flows.

If spring is the season that Sophie loves most, then autumn is the season when she cries most. For every evening when the sun sets as autumn falls, the view of the fading, withering, and blight of every flower and every tree she says ‘good morning’ to breaks her heart every day. When the touch of death yellows through the first leaf vein to the end of forest, she feels there’s nothing she can do. And when the ruthless wind wipes barren every branch and every twig, gathering in waves the browning leaves in sky where even the last drop of sunlight cannot get through, she could see how winter has already come by frosting the lake of life.

Ugglas the owl is the one who has raised Sophie since she’s only a baby squirrel. As both the oldest and wisest guardian in the magic forest, he decides to tell Sophie that there’s one way to change all as he doesn’t want to see her cry anymore. So he tells Sophie that there’s one way and one way only to set the season to spring all the time so she can enjoy the life and stay with the life and not to see it die again. However, as an exchange, she needs to give up her eternal life in magic forest to have only one normal lifetime. And during this life time, she’ll have one flower fairy who’ll be her loyal friend as a lifetime company until it ends when the magic forest will return to the way it always was.

After seeing much of death and experiencing countless times of loss, Sophie sees hope in what Ugglas has told her. For her, an eternal life in loneliness doesn’t worth to live than a mortal life with friends. So she decides to act upon it.

She asks, ‘What should I do?’ Ugglas says, ‘In magic forest, you need to firstly find a flower fairy and bring it to life. The moment it awakes, it’ll bring eternal spring to the magic forest until this lifetime with you ends.’

‘How should I do for that then?’

Ugglas continues, ‘You need to get up every morning before sunrise, and go to the lake of life, waiting for first sunshine to come in. When you see the water from lake form morning dews on grass, that’s the life fruit you’re looking for. You need to gather them quickly before they vaporize with the sun. And water the fairy sprout you choose with both these life dews, together with the care and love that you can ever give.’

Sophie asks, ‘How long will it take to awake a flower fairy?’

Ugglas says, ‘1000 days. Cannot miss one day, or it’ll never work again. ’

1000 days is like one day to Sophie in her disciplined work of getting up early, gathering morning dews to run to another end of the magic forest to water the fairy sprout which lives under the rainbow tree. But she loves this for not only it gives her hope but also she loves the land. It’s a land of spring. The rainbow tree itself is a sun that nurtures the fairy flowers around and the leaves are only leaves seen at distance. Seen from close, they are shining lights that take shapes at their own will with colors dancing from amber brown to sapphire blue, from emerald green to golden red, like the magic pigments of the life in spring that is on the pallet of a master painter.

Under the rainbow tree, Sophie found a fairy sprout that she knows she’d love for life. It is a rainbow flower that has long hair in magenta with a main stem in blue.  Every morning, Sophie would say to it, ‘Hello, good morning.’ 1000 days, never missed a single day.

Eventually, the 1000th day comes earlier than she realizes. When the last drop of life fruit is in the soil, the flower fairy wakes up with a blinking curious eye, looking at Sophie who smiles like the first drop of sunlight. The moment it awakes, the whole magic forest stays in the prime moment of spring.

Slowly, it flies with its magenta wings around her as if it’s trying to know who’s given the life, and after a while, it lands in her hand, saying back for the first time what Sophie has said to it every day.

It says, ‘Good morning, dear Sophie.’


Mixed Media on paper


在魔法森林里 ,太阳与月亮并存,一天就是一个四季,晨曦与万物复苏的花朵盛开一起来临,而夜幕则与暴风雪一同降临。而索菲,最喜欢魔法森林春天的颜色。因为她喜欢树的生命,花的色彩,以及朋友的温暖:森林里的每一棵树,每一朵花,都是她的朋友。