Synaptic Creation


Acrylic on canvas

Size: F30

Why do we dream?

That the body needs physical rest is something that we have probably all experienced after a long and tasking day.

But why do we dream?

Why do we suddenly remember an episode from our childhood or find ourselves running alone through a forest. Why do we dream of falling or of trying to run away from a monster but no matter how hard we try it only seems to get closer…

Have you ever had a lucid dream?

A dream where you know you are dreaming and now all of the sudden you are in full control of the situation able to bend it to your will? I have through practice taught myself how to enter this state when it happens and I find a lot of my images there. To me it is a blessed state where I find deep truth and I call it “Dreamwalking”. It can not be called up at will but it comes more often if you stay sensitive to it.

Do you spend much time thinking about and analyzing your dreams? Perhaps you go to a person who interprets them for you to give yourself some clarity into what they mean….Me, I just search the internet in the belief that since we are so closely related as a human species there must be other people having similar dreams and hope I can find a pattern. I found that seeing a snake is supposed to mean luck but I know I didn’t feel lucky when it was chasing me through my grandfather’s house when I was 5 years old.

I believe that dreams are the brain’s way of organizing thoughts and ideas into blocks that relate each other. That it is connecting pieces by a common denominator like “Sweet” for example. In fact I had a dream just the other night where I could see the mind making the connections.

This is what this painting shows. It is showing the brain at rest connecting bubbles of information or impressions with elastic cords. As we build more memories these connections will shift and change to represent the new state of your mind. The orange part is brain matter seen from above and the rubber band like connections are trying to connect the creative right part of your brain with the logic left part.

Never stop studying and experiencing things and your bubbles will always be colorful and happy. Make the positive connections and your life shall always shine bright