Tentacles 触觉


Watercolor and Pastel on paper

72cm x 55 cm

There is a time for reflection and a time for action. A time for rest and a time for just reaching out into the world to see what is out there for us to find. We all go through cycles of more or less activity but I might be a bit more extreme than the average person which is why expression through my art is so important for me.

I believe that there are two things that strongly influence our daily lives. Balance being the one and timing being the other. When I am unbalanced my paintings are unbalanced. Skewed, clashing colors and generally I can only go as far as duality.

However this painting represents a very balanced time in my personal cycle. As you can see there are four well balanced arms which only happens when there is great stability. With focus and determination I can usually find either a balance in color or shape but it ends with duality. In this one all four directions are clearly covered and also the colors are well matched.

This painting is me stretching my tentacles out into the world to see what I can find. My right hand gives a thumbs up to the new and amazing things I find while the left is a thumbs down for what I find but do not agree with. The two tentacles at the top carry fire balls for defense since it is a pretty rough world out there and sometimes you have to be ready to throw some fire to stay safe.