The Beer Collection

The Background Story

All my work comes from a deep sense of love and this collection is no different. Beer is one of those things that we learn to love. I remember being young and watching my parents enjoy spending time with their friends enjoying beer in the summertime and feeling intrigued by it.

What is this brew that they are drinking and what does it taste like. Being a child and naturally curious I of course, probably together with my brother, found an unfinished bottle, put it to my mouth and took a deep swig. Only to the next moment spit it out and wonder why anyone would ever drink such a vile thing. It was bitter and stung the back of my nose and throat and there was nothing of the joy about it that I had seen in the faces of my parents and their friends….

I believe that our taste buds evolve as we get older and perhaps only then can we really appreciate bitter tastes like coffee and beer. This is mainly because my taste for both of them developed late in my high school years. In Sweden you can have a drink from 18 and by then you start figuring out what you actually like. At the same time I had exams and was drinking lots of coffee which I had also started to like so this confirms my thoughts on bitter drinks.

I always try to drink the local brew since I believe there is a connection with the environment in which it is created. The soil and it’s makeup is equally important to the water that is being used and the taste of the local barley and hops. In Ireland I got hooked on Guinnes and in Greece all I ever drank was the local brew Mythos. These last years craft brews and limited editions have become a big thing and I enjoy not only the variety of flavors but also the very cool label art that a lot of them employ. Perhaps one day my art will also be on a beer bottle. I will call it Pirate Brew and it will taste like the freedom of buccaneers and adventureres of the 18th Century!

The Collection

This collection has three canvases to which I, for the first time, started adding yarn to the push pins that I have made into my trademark. Building on the canvas itself has opened up a whole other dimension of thought for me and I can guarantee that you will be seeing more developments in this area from now on. The 3 piece canvas series takes inspiration from the main ingredients of beer “Barley” and “Hops” to create the beer image in the middle. These canvases are 55x38cm (P10) and use acrylics as well as yarn.

krs-barley krs-beerkrs-hops






The Beer Lovers

These two paintings are an ode to the lovers on Valentine’s Day. It is the story of two beer lovers who only get to meet on this one special night each year and then have to wait a whole year for it to come again. She is shy and loving and he is young and full of energy as they dance the night away together. These are acrylic paint on paper and they are 51x35cm

krs-art-lady-beer   krs-art-beer-boy






The Beer Buddies

These are the friends with which he can talk shit about the world, complain about the unfairness of it all or just simply enjoy a drink together. Birds of a feather flock together and even though they are not the same they do follow a similar pattern. These are acrylic paint on paper and they are 51x35cm

krs-beer-buddy krs-beer-buddy krs-beer-buddy






The regulars

Around the bar there are people who you see just about every week. Where do they come from? Do they live there? Why has fate brought you all together in this one magical place……You tend to know only part of their names like a nickname and of course some quirky episode from their lives. These are the fleeting friends. The mortar that sticks the core pieces together and makes the place feel alive. Everyone is someones friend and so in this mishmash do we all come together as a big family simply in love with beer. These are acrylic paint on paper and they are 51x35cm

krs-art-beer-surfer krs-art-beer-girl krs-art-beer-dance krs-art-beer-friends krs-art-beer-friends