The Earth from afar - 地球与宇宙之间

The Earth from Afar 地球与宇宙之间

Watercolor, pastels and markers on paper

72 cm x 45cm

The trick about this painting is to adjust your focus. If you focus on a flat image you will get the powerful duality and eternal cycle of night to day. If you on the other hand shift your focus left you can see the sun having warmed the ocean turns it into water vapor which slowly floats upwards and vanishes out into the dark night of space.

Many things in our lives are cyclical yet we often do not notice. Our daily, monthly, yearly or whatever we have, turns into cyclical routines which gives a certain result. That is why by changing a very simple habit that you do daily will have a significant impact on your life.

I took this very long and deeply thought idea, that has been pondered by wiser men than me for thousands of years, and I turned it into a piece of art. I find strong personal satisfaction in putting out work that will have a strong impact on the collective consciousness. If you are not adding to the improvement of society and the human race then, as a artist, I believe you are a failure.

Yes, it should be fun and many of my paintings are childish or cute or sort of just pleasantly colorful but there is more.

My message is that of unity over division, communication rather than confrontation and common respect for your fellow man wherever he or she might be from.