The Earth Well 地球井


Posca Pen markers on paper

75cm x 52cm

To me this is a really interesting piece because there are two very distinct ways of looking at it but they both lead into infinity.

Where does infinity start and where does it end? This depends greatly on which part of the story you would like to start from. Either you start from the inside going out or the outside going back in.

In this case why don’t we start from the middle. The middle is the core of the earth which is so dense that it is completely black. Surrounded by magma and the different layers that form the rock we live on we slowly move out as the earth cools. Oceans and grass and rock form the basis for our existence and it gradually turns into dark black space where nothing, as far as we know, live except for maybe an alien or two.

Starting from the outside the story changes drastically into a small child looking down a well. My grandparents had a big farm with many animals and a deep and very dark well into which one of the cats once fell losing its life. A well is the opposite of space, dragging into it both light and focus as it slowly spirals into dark oblivion. Come spring flowers of many colors will fall into it coloring it red, yellow and green with their leaves and petals. It is hypnotic looking into a well and I hope that this painting both expands your vision into space and pulls your focus into its well of knowledge.