The River -河流

The River 河流

Posca Pens on paper

72cm x 55cm

With these paintings your mind will eventually find the pattern but since it is a river I suggest starting to focus on the blue. The green is vegetation of some sort while the pink represent flowers in general. They can be seen as standalone and a thing by themselves. Or you could consider them having dropped into the river silently floating away.

Think of a time when you, as a child lay on the ground looking up at the clouds imagine them being dragons, or bananas or whatever you and your friends could come up with.

There is something so inherently calming at sitting and staring at a river. It flows naturally without breaks and as it hits obstacles like rocks along the way it simply flows around and slowly breaks down the object in its path over thousands of years if it has to.

I grew up around water a lot. We always had a sail boat and we used to go out in it the whole family sailing to nearby islands and sleeping in the boat. I would bring my magazines or, if it was warm enough, I would snorkel and dive in the water as much as possible. As we got older it was kneeboards and wakeboard and whatever we could really get our hands on.

We would also go for hikes in the mountains or go fishing in the rivers for salmon or bass. I think it was from these two things that has made many fond memories from things done around or in water.