Three Amigos -三个朋友

Three Amigos 三个朋友

Watercolor and Posca Pens on Paper

72×55 CM

I am fortunate enough to get to travel quite a bit. Whenever I do I make sure that I end up with some local people who know how to get around. When I go to Shanghai I of course meet up with Diwei & The Homeless crew. I also have a Swedish crew in Shanghai who have been there a while and really seen the city. I try and make sure we get a night out together at least which is never a bad idea =)

So this time after some really nice dinner of what was Spanish and freestyle with cod liver served in a can. I think I am too used to Tokyo these day so it was slightly unsettling but good and fun. After this we ventured into some sort of outdoors drinking establishment next door and low and behold we find a whole table full of Swedish guys….not a girl among them…those are at the bottom of the painting as cones with one face symbolizing them all.

The three amigos are me on the left. My friends wife in the middle and the Candy man with a mustache all the way on the right side.

The reason it is Mexican themed is that I decided it would be a good idea to liven it up with a bottle of Patron 😉 Nothing like a good bottle of Tequila!

Always try to focus separately on each object for a while to see the different angles of the painting.