Bechstein x Krs

I am the first to admit that I am not a piano player. i dabbled when I was around 10-11 but it never really caught on. Howwever I have always been a great fan of classical music and would often listen to Mozart and Beethoven as well as my favorti composer Norwegian, Edward Grieg. His interpretati of Henrik Ibsen’s Peer Gynt is one of the greatest stories I know. So I am very honoerd to have my art at the Bechstein Showroom in Shangai during May 2021.

From Bechstein website

The noble C. Bechstein Concert upright and grand pianos are handmade masterpieces. The premium C. Bechstein Academy instruments stand out for their excellent sound profile and professional touch. The W.Hoffmann brand includes three lines of uprights and grands for beginners and professionals alike that are made in the Czech Republic by C. Bechstein Europe and boast outstanding quality. The Zimmermann pianos are affordable, yet reliable beginner instruments.




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