Eye of the storm -风暴里的静谧

The Eye of the Storm 风暴里的静谧

Eye of the storm

Posca Pens on paper

75cm x 52cm

Have you ever been in the eye of a huge storm? It is a bizarre and outer worldly experience where it seems the world is spinning around you at tremendous speed while in fact everything is extremely calm and serene. It is as the world is holding its breath for a second before it gets ready to thrash you completely again.

Where I grew up in Sweden there were of course storms and I used to love them. I have a memory of running out almost naked as a child of 5 or 6 and shouting at the storm to do its worst because there was no way I was moving…Shouting out into the storm “Here I am and I am alive” there is something primal about this and our existence on this planet.

Of course I still feel like this but now that I am a little bit older I also see the wisdom in weathering the storm indoors since after rain will always come sunshine and since mother nature is really much stronger than all of humanity put together and has a way of humbling all of us.

Now I try and cultivate a calm nature in the middle of the storm. Sitting calmly in the  eye while the clouds, rain and thunder spins around me I close my eyes and smile at the fact that I have four walls to protect me from anything that gets thrown at me.