3 body problem


Acrylics on paper

Size: 46cm x 38cm

On the advice of my friend I read the Chinese fantasy novel “The 3 body problem”  by Liu Cixin.

It addresses a very interesting question in whether it is actually advisable for humanity to try and make contact with the Universe at large. After all are we sure that all other intelligent life forms are actually malevolent?

In this particular story it turns out that they are not and that, being in the unfortunate situation of living in a very unstable world, now that they know the earth is a much more habitable place they are looking to take it over and make us their slaves….bummer….

There are certain parts of the book that remain very strongly etched into my mind. One is where the alien society threatening earth, in an attempt to speed up their technological process, create a computer made us strictly out of people performing simple and standardized tasks. It not only gives you a better understanding of what computers are but also where the ideas originated from.

The other is an image of Sophon, the alien life forms “ambassador” to earth is standing on a tank in Australia, to which where all humans have been told to emigrate, shouting out orders dressed in pink camouflage.

This painting is of that alien ambassador Sophon