Dark Bloom


Acrylics on Canvas

Size: 92cm x 73cm

In the house I grew up there are lots of plants and flowers. We lived in the Southern part of Sweden with a large garden facing a sort of semi-wild forest. Sometimes when I woke up early in the morning and went downstairs to the kitchen there would be deer in our garden or a fox looking for a hedgehog or something else to nibble on.

We had apples and some strawberries as well s rhubarb and some edible herbs along the sides and it was usually mine, or my brothers job to mow the lawn at least once a week.

Inside the house there were always flowers as my mother really loves them and would always have some fresh ones on the dining table as well as in the entrance to brighten the place up. Downstairs there was sort of an area for larger plants and in here my mother kept her pride and joy. It’s called “Queen of the night” in Swedish due to the very simple fact that it only blooms one night per year.

Every year we would be awoken by a fantastic fragrance throughout the house as the flower opened its delicate petals to the world. Not only is it fantastically beautiful but the fragrance is absolutely astounding and it would fill the house with its aroma to the point where you would actually wake up.

Dark bloom is an ode to that flower. The one that blooms only at night and so strongly that it burns itself out in only 24 hours.