I love Shanghai


Watercolor and markers on paper

Size: 42cm x 29cm

I love going to Shanghai!

The last time I landed at Pudong airport and made my way through immigration something really interesting happened. As usual the officer checked my visa, scanned my passport and took my fingerprints while silently hoping that I would press the “very happy” button next to his booth which shows how happy I was with the service. As he waved me through the automated machine told me in Swedish!?!?! “Welcome to China”

It seems as though these days the scanners can see which country you are from and adjust the greeting accordingly…..fantastic welcome!

Perception of time is a little bit different in China then what I am used to….10-15 min late isn’t really late and the word “maybe” gets uttered so often that I start using it myself when I want to express the possibility that I might not be on time…

But not to worry, everything sort of works out in the end and stressing about it will not make anything go faster so best to just sit back and enjoy the ride =)

After all anything in Shangahi is “30-40 min by taxi” . This is another Shanghai joke since this is the only answer I ever get when I ask how far it is…It seems as though the whole city has been built in 30 min blocks..

My friends always give me a warm welcome and if you are not sure where to catch me I am probably sipping beer and having curry at Homeless, my home away from home.