Magic Forest



Digital works – Magic Forest

A story needs a world, a protagonist with a quest and some zany characters.

This was the story of a bored bear who went on an adventure in the Magic Forest

Magic Forest – Main Characters


Boris the Bored Bear (Hero)

Father Forest (Wise old guide)


Entitas (Mysterious Ghost)

Delgado (The Evil King)

Magic Forest – World

Treetop     Dragono

Treetop world where Fairies live

Dragono (Friend and Hero transport)


Leafers on the steps

The Temple of truth

beebus    Yggdrasil

Ride the BeeBus to where you need to go

The Yggdrasil tree holds all knowledge

Magic Forest – Side Characters

Pit-Boss Songbird

Pit Boss is a mini boss

Song Bird is comic relief

Squiggly Tetsu-Guardian

Squiggly is a notorious security guard

Tetsu is a Guardian


The White Wizard  in the temple of truth

Yanola Thunderbird sits on treetop world

Biker-Mike Daboss

Biker Mike just riiiides

DaBoss never leaves the office


Fenris lives on the ocean floor

Elva lives in the tree top world